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ROTOMOD is a company founded in 1973 in Lot et Garonne. The company is an expert in the transformation of polyethylene by the rotational molding technique. This process allows the realization of many projects for various applications. With its expertise and know-how in the field of water sports and industry, ROTOMOD entered the world of design furniture in 2012 with its own brand My Croisette. At the end of 2019, it acquires the assets of the company BERGES located in the LOT. ROTOMOD wishes to develop its offer in the field of design, including furniture, planters and lighting. The DESIGN department then fully emerges with this ambitious project.


Behind the Brand

Our designers follow worldwide developments in interior design closely. That inspiration is translated into our designs, which are then realised by experienced craftsmen. This means you always get the best of both worlds.


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From kitchen experts to high-end interior specialists

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ROTOMOD Eco responsible

Our know-how and eco-responsibility

ROTOMOD masters the entire process of creating a product, from the original idea through design to production. Designers and production agents work closely together with the objective of providing a quality part that meets the expectations of our customers. The advantage of working with polyethylene by the rotational molding process gives this material the ability to be 100% recyclable. ROTOMOD has been sorting its surplus production for 20 years. From now on, it integrates within its walls the treatment of its surpluses and rejects. The resulting shredded material is then processed to create regenerated material for new applications. Each year ROTOMOD is more committed to this strategic axis of Eco-Responsibility.


I’m a furniture designer who specialises in armchair designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


All our employees are at your disposal to study your projects with you.


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