MOAIS totem

The Moaïs living room is composed of 2 armchairs and 1 or 2 coffee tables depending on the model, in the manner of a tangram, This stylish totem pole can also be used as a pedestal table. A creative added value which freezes this piece of furniture – sculpture in the modernity. The Moaïs lounge gives pride of place to the freedom of creation by declining in a colorama on effusion of colors which will bring tonicity as well to the decoration of a too wise interior as a space of life outside.

Totem 3
Totem 4
Référence Désignation Composition Hauteur Diamètre Poids
Totem 3 MOAIS
2 Fauteuils + 1 table
107.5 cm
83 cm
37 kg
Totem 4 MOAIS
2 Fauteuils + 2 tables
123 cm
83 cm
46 kg
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